Visiting the Countryside Park

The map shows most of the places where you can enter the countryside park.

Public Transport

The nearest train stations are Bexhill, West St Leonards and Crowhurst, all of which are about a mile from the nearest park entrance.

The 98 and 99 buses both run along the A259 past Bulverhythe recreation ground and the Blackbrooks garden centre. They also stop at Ravenside shopping centre, Glyne Gap. The 98 also runs through Sidley. The 22A which stopped by Park Holidays’ offices has been replaced by the 98, some of which now go through Hollington to the Conquest Hospital. For more information on bus services visit For information about bus times in the Bexhill area go to Bexhill-OSM, right click on any bus stop and select ‘Query feature’.

Car Parking

Car parking is difficult for some areas of the park. Additional car parking is something we are hoping to arrange.

Parking in Sidley

From Sidley’s main street take Glover’s Lane (next to the New Inn) and follow it to the end where there is a limited amount of parking next to the road, immediately before the bridge over Combe Valley Way. Cross the bridge on foot and take the path down the side of Park Holidays’ car park. This will lead you into the park. Alternatively go through the gate marked ’80’ and follow the so-called ‘equestrian’ route across the field, cross the new road and continue downhill and across the ford (not suitable for push-chairs etc.).

Bulverhythe Recreation Ground Car Park

This is the best starting point to visit the Filsham Reedbed. From the car park walk north past Marker Post 1 and alongside the Combe Haven river. At MP2 cross the bridge and turn left. After a little way turn right onto the path leading to the viewing point in the reedbed. Returning to MP2 you can continue along the river to the rest of the country park.

Blackbrooks Garden Centre Overflow Car Park

From the A259 Bexhill Road turn into Lewis Avenue for Blackbrooks Garden Centre (formerly Wyevale) and park on the overflow car park on the right. There are toilets and a café in the Garden Centre. Just beyond the entrance to the overflow carpark a footpath leads north past Marker Post 63 towards Pebsham Lake and the rest of the park. Do be aware though, that the overflow car park is apparently locked at 6pm!

Parking for Bulverhythe Beach

Parking off the A259 near the Ravenside Shopping Centre is ideal for the beach section of the park but the main car park is intended for customers only. However the smaller one opposite the service station can be used for beach access for up to 3 hours. There are toilets in the car park and a café on the beach. An alternative is to park at the eastern end of De La Warr Parade, Bexhill seafront, near the Sea Angling Club and then walk East, either over Galley Hill (past MP49) or along the beach path beneath the cliffs. However, since 2021 most of the parking along the seafront is now subject to parking charges.

A List of Park Entrances (see map above for locations)

Although there are not many suitable car parks, there are many places where you may enter the park on foot as part of a longer walk or having parked on local streets. If parking on residential streets please have due consideration for the needs of the residents and other road users. The following is a list of entrances to the park going roughly clockwise around the park starting in the north.

Ballards Hill, Crowhurst

The road/track running south through Hye House Farm and Hill Croft Farm is a public right of way and enters the park after it crosses the A2690 link road, Combe Valley Way. Also suitable for cyclists and equestrians.

1066 Country Walk – Bexhill Link

This long-distance path enters the park next to Crowhurst Recreation Ground. Please be aware that the car park is intended only for users of the recreation ground. The path leaves the road adjacent to the car park, shown by the 1066 trail post and the Country Park display board. The first part of the path, as far as Marker Post 15 can be very muddy when wet but beyond this it gets easier. Going south the path skirts a field of crops and passes a new lake before going under the link road, Combe Valley Way, and reaching the Greenway path.

Upper Wilting Farm

Immediately west of the railway bridge a footpath runs SE next to the railway line. This path is sometimes very muddy in wet weather. The new path running NW is suitable for cyclists and links with the Greenway which is also suitable for equestrians.


The footpath west of the reservoir next to Crowhurst Road leads up hill and enters the park over the railway.
NOTE this is a pedestrian access across a main line railway with a stile each side. Take great care!

Harley Chute Rail Bridge

A public footpath enters the park immediately west of the bridge. Take care crossing this busy road.

Reedswood Road

Off Harley Chute Road via Field Way. Bear left across the first field and follow the path to the Combe Haven river, then turn right. Limited parking by the entrance. This path gets extremely muddy during wet weather!

Bexhill Road Playing Fields

There is a car park at the eastern end of the playing fields accessed of the A259 Bexhill Road, west of the petrol station.

Blackbrooks Garden Centre

Off Bexhill Road, there is car parking, with cafe and toilets in the garden centre.

Glyne Gap

There are several ways into the park from Glyne Gap, but the car parks at Ravenside Shopping Centre, while free, are restricted to 3 hours and the main one is for customers only. The small one opposite the service station may be used for access to the beach. There are toilets in the small car park and a cafe on the beach. There is also a restaurant in Marks & Spencer and a KFC in the retail park. Lewis avenue, off the roundabout on the A259, gives access to the main part of the park and a path under the railway bridge gives access to the Bulverhythe Beach section.

Coastal footpath and cycle track

Walking or cycling from Hastings the path enters the park at Bulverhythe. The nearest parking is sea-front parking at Grosvenor Gardens. From Bexhill the path enters the park at the foot of Galley Hill where there is ample on-street parking on De La Warr Parade.

Martyns Way, Pebsham

From the eastern end of Martyns Way you can walk through to Blackbrooks Garden Centre and the rest of the park.

Singleton Walk, Pebsham

There are a couple of parking spaces at the entrance to this close, off Martyns Way, and a path run by the side of the first house to a play park from where a public footpath leads into the park.

Pebsham Lane, Pebsham

At the far end of Pebsham Lane it enters the country park. Do not drive beyond here as the access is only for residents, the Pebsham Rural Business Centre and farm access.

Worsham Lane, Pebsham

After about a quarter of a mile the lane picks up the 1066 Country Walk and enters the park. Please do not drive along the lane as there is no parking for non-residents.

Park Holidays Offices, Mount View Street

The No. 98 bus (Hastings – Hollington – Bexhill) stops here where the Greenway pedestrian and cycle path crosses, running north into the park.

Glovers Lane, Sidley

At the far end of Glovers Lane there is space to park at the side of the road just before the Bridge (which is closed to traffic at the far end). There is an equestrian route from here, which it is hoped will later give pedestrian access. Cyclists and walkers can cross the bridge and, after a temporary diversion, take the path to the left by the side of Park Holidays’ company car park. This leads downhill, across a road and into the park.

Buckholt Lane, Sidley

Vehicles are prohibited, except for residents, but this byway which gives access to walkers, cyclists and equestrians, leads eventually into the park and links up with the Greenway.

Footpaths - 1 May

The water level is dropping so most paths are easily passable although some are still very muddy.

Report overgrown rights of way to East Sussex and other paths to the Friends of Combe Valley.

Latest News


December 2023 saw a group of Waxwings visiting the Park to sample the berries. Several hundred visit Britain each winter.

New on this website

August 2023 - a set of new pages describing some of the more common flowering plants has been added to the "Wildlife" section of the site.