Courtship time in the valley

11 February 2018

As spring approaches the wildlife in the valley starts to think about reproducing. A couple of female Mute Swans were minding their own business on one of the pools when in flew a male with other ideas. He began his very impressive courtship display as he chased one of them around the pool but she was having none of it and took to the air. Undeterred, he turned his attention to the other one but she took to the air as well leaving him somewhat deflated. Oh well, win some, loose some. It’s early in the season yet.

Footpaths - 1 July

All paths are dry now, but some are getting overgrown in places.

Report overgrown rights of way to East Sussex and other paths to the Friends of Combe Valley.

Latest News

Rare Spider Found

The rare Fen Raft Spider, has recently been found in the Park; a very important discovery

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April 2022 - A new section, "Nature's Calendar", has been added giving details of what to look out for around the Countryside Park at different times of the year.